Hello, world! and first working paper

This first post is also a self-reminder that academia is a lot about publishing. As such, I am now focused on writing my first working paper. Radio Art in the Digital Age: A Case for Radia started as an exercise for my Internet Studies class. The project focuses on building a case for Radia’s existence based on the impact it has in its own community.

Despite existing for more than a decade, the importance of Radia appears to be continuously disregarded, as academics and researchers have not yet looked at its work thoroughly. Using an adapted version of King’s framework and research design for audience research in community stations, I argue that Radia is not only a relevant focus point of radio art production and dissemination nowadays, as it also stands as valuable social structure.

I have already done some short literature revision regarding radio art, its practice, and its relation to technology in the digital era. While this needs further development, my toughest challenge at the moment is to redesign the research and chose the appropriate methodologies. I have already conducted some empirical research, via written structured interviews, to assess the impact of Radia in each member station's operation from a management perspective. However, due to the time constraints of the exercise, the data collected was quite limited and, at times, slightly inadequate given specific contexts.

An exciting work in progress.